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Recipes with Stale Bread, Against the Waste of Our Natural Resources

 I began to develop these recipes after meeting Joachim Weckmann, the owner of the biodynamic bread factory in Neukölln, Berlin, Märkisches Landbrot Backerei. I can say that meeting Joachim had an immense impact on my life and my kitchen. In September of 2011, I was presenting two projects at the event “Teller statt Tonne”, organized by “Slow Food”, one of the largest gastronomic organizations in the world against “Fast Food” and for organic and regional foods. One of the projects, accomplished with the NY artist and green activist Lynn Peemoeller, sought to call attention to green activities and waste in the city. We collected nuts and fruits throughout the city, cooked them, and served them at the event. At the event we also presented “Share Your Food”, a gastronomic event where I cook and invite others to share what they believe could improve our world. Paintings, drawings, photos and texts were printed in a magazine so that our thoughts could be spread even more.Joachim donated the bread to Slow Food and that was how we met in the middle of 800 people. What caught my attention was how Joachim did not want to accept the napkin offered to him because it was not “fair and sustainable”. Words of a master. He then said that, despite the napkin, he liked my work and gave me his business card so that we could develop something together in the future.Since then, I began to think a lot about bread, its values, and its symbolism in our society. Bread is related to one of the largest problems in our food chain, which is the waste of food. I felt, and I feel extremely motivated to prove and develop recipes that can eventually inspire people to utilize “leftovers”. I hope that you enjoy them.